2019-02-02 – St. Augustine

St. Augustine

Recently (February of 2019), Annette and I visited St. Augustine Florida.

St Augustine is an historic city.  In fact, they are claiming that St Augustine has the longest history of any city in the US.

St Augustine is a touristy, beautiful, tropical (at least compared to Pennsylvania where I have spent most of my life!) place that has capitalized on its resources, namely Castillo de San Marcos, Old Town, churches and homes that the wealthy built in the early 1900’s. 

Castillo de San Marcos is a national monument, so my Lifetime Senior National Parks Pass allowed both of us to visit for free!  (If you are over 62 and haven’t bought yours yet, you really ought to!  It is $80, but it gets you into all of the National Parks and lasts the rest of your life.)


We were fortunate enough to be at the Castillo on a weekend when some re-enactors demonstrated the highly prescribed drill to fire a canon.  There were a gazillion steps, such as cleaning the bore, cleaning the fuse port, ramming the charge, etc, that led up to the crescendo;  the big BOOM when they lit the fuse! 


St Georges Street in the old town has been converted to a pedestrian walkway.  (The street is narrow and would have been cramped for cars anyway!)  There were shops lining the street.  Many were  tourist traps, but some were artisans and their crafts.

When the appropriate time came (Lunchtime!), Annette and I made our way to a restaurant where the previous patrons had written their names on dollar bills and stuck them on the wall.  You could make a couple of mortgage payments with all the bill there!  The food was good, although it could be heart attack inducing.  Annette had the deep fried shrimp and I had a burger that was coated in breading and deep fried.  Like I said, very yummy, but Oh! The fat!

We chose the first Friday of the month to go to St Augustine.  By dumb luck, we were there for the monthly Art Walk.  The art galleries and artisan shops were open that evening.  There were many beautiful pieces, but one gallery on the square had world class art!  It was stunning.  Many pieces we just had to stop, stare and take in!  I wish I had the money and display space to become a collector!


After the Art Walk, it was dark, but we did take the opportunity to walk over to the Bridge of Lions.  Because of the darkness, we did not get the full effect of the bridge.  I think we are going to have to go back!


If you are ever down in the area, I think St Augustine is worth a day of your time to explore!

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