A BIG Step…Well, almost.

We’ve been thinking.  Should we go with a fifth wheel or a motorhome?  We went back and forth several times.

It seems when we ask a salesman which way to go, the first question that they ask is, “Do you have a truck?”  Well, no, we don’t have a truck.  Then they suggest a motorhome.

Both options are about the same price.  You can put $60K to $70K into a fifth wheel and then need another $50-60K for a full size pickup (F350, Diesel).  Then you need some work to get the truck ready for towing.  It could be an easy $130 grand!

If you look at the entry level Class A motorhomes you will see some stickers that will shock you:  $150k and up.

So we thought we would go to an RV show and check out all of the options and see what appealed to us.  As luck would have it, last September, there was a large RV show in Hershey, just an hour from home!  Let’s go!

So Annette and I went and we saw lots of cool things.  The fifth wheels were nice, but we liked the Class A motorhomes better.  Some guys love to drive around in their manly pick-up trucks, but to me pickups are unwieldy gas hogs.  And it we are going to go to National Parks with their tiny parking spaces at the attractions, we need a car or small SUV.

So we wandered around the RV show and finally ended up in the lot of the dealer with the Newmars. We like the construction of the Newmars and think that they are some of the better motorhomes.

So we started talking to one of the salesmen about a Bay Star 3401 and we priced it out with the options that we thought were necessary.  It was $150K, but there were special show sales incentives and the price came down to where it was palatable!  So, wouldn’t you know it, we signed on the dotted line.  The motorhome was going to be built in the spring and we would be RV owners before you knew it!

But then we went home and thought about it over night.  It just didn’t feel right.  We were still two years from retirement.  The RV would depreciate by two years before we even got out on the road!  So we talked about it in the morning and I had to called them and cancel the contract.

It was embarrassing to think that people would think that we didn’t even know our own minds!

Better that than being over $100K in debt and worrying about it!



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