A Little History of Us and of Our Past Travels

So how long have we been thinking of retirement and RVing?  The short answer is…A long time!

Twenty-three years ago we moved to the small town that we are still in.  At first Annette was excited about the move and interested in finding all of the things that were new to us.  But then she found that there was just no opportunities in her field.  She had been working in a state-of-the-art facility, which was certified to the highest levels.  That was not what was here.

She tried working at a prominent facility and enjoyed the work, but there was shift work involved and it was an hour away from home.  She tried working a management position on days, but again it was an hour away.  So her career has taken a back seat.  She is telecommuting now.

So we raised two boys and got them out on their own.  They are 28 and 30 now.  They are also 1½ hours away and 9½ hours away.  So we don’t get to see them as often as we would like.

If we have children who are 28 and 30 years old, you can do the math and figure out that we are in our 50’s.

And we have faithfully worked our jobs and saved our money into the 401(k).

And we have faithfully dedicated ourselves to each other.  We have been married for over 34 years now and we are still not tired of each other!  Go figure!

For me, retirement is so near that I can nearly taste it!  It’s so tempting that one of these days, I might just say, “Forget that!” and quit.  (Fortunately, I am mature enough that I know I can’t do that unless the time is right.)

After the boys were gone, we started to travel more.  We’ve had some great vacations.  Here’s some of the places we’ve gone:

  • Bar Harbor, ME – Photo workshop
  • Bar Harbor, ME – with my Mom
  • Outer Banks, NC – Photo workshop
  • Outer Banks, NC – Family vacation
  • Assateague and Chincoteague – Several times
  • Charleston, SC
  • Orlando area, FL
  • Oregon coast and Columbia River
  • Puerto Rico
  • Isle of Skye, Scotland – Photo workshop
  • UK and Wales – Twice, we extended work related trips
  • Seattle, WA and Olympic Peninsula
  • Tucson, AZ and Silver City, NM
  • Phoenix, AZ, Flagstaff, AZ and Grand Canyon
  • Denver, Co
  • Black Hills of SD – Photo Workshop
  • Death Valley, CA – Photo Workshop
  • Washington, DC – Multiple times, (It’s only 2 hours from home.)
  • Baltimore, MD – Multiple times, (It’s only 2 hours from home.)
  • Louisville, KY – Multiple times (Our son has lived there the last 3 years.)

So, I guess the point is that our history includes some travel and that we still want to do more.

But, when each trip is limited to one week, you can only catch the highlights.  And that’s only if your timing is good and the weather and traffic cooperate.  Our thought is that being retired and in the RV, we can stay in an area until we have exhausted all of the interesting sites and activities.

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