Annette just HAD to keep looking!

So after the embarrassment of backing out of the deal from the RV show, Annette didn’t give up on her dream.  Almost everyday she dreamed of life on the road traveling the USA and taking pictures.  And, part of that dream was to look at motorhomes for sale online.

“Hey, Woody, look at this one!”

“Hey, Woody, look at that one!”

“Here’s a cool one!”

I have to admit, I got into it a little bit, myself.  I found myself looking at RV’s online.  I really liked the Monaco Vestas;  good construction, futuristic styling.  But, WOW!  Their prices were staggering.

One day toward the end of October, Annette found an RV that looked promising and it was only an hour and a half from home.  So, I agreed that she should call them.  So, she did and, since the next day was Saturday, we went to see it.  It turns out that the ad was placed that Friday and we were the first ones to see it!

It was a 2006 Newmar Ventana 3330.  A 33 foot diesel pusher with some nice accessories like a larger generator, dual paned windows, two Fantastic fans, larger heater/AC units, larger inverter and Michelin tires with only 2,000 miles on them!

The guy that owned it babied it.  He had a garage at his house with high ceiling and tall garage door.  This RV was kept in the garage (heated to 50 degrees in winter)  all year round!

The motorhome looked like it was 9 months old instead of 9 years old!  It was in beautiful condition!

And it was the right size for us.  It was big enough without being too big.

But this time, before we signed on the dotted line, we were going to think about it.

However, we better think fast.  By the time we arrived to see the RV, the owner had gotten several calls and a guy in Michigan was going to fly in and see it the next Saturday.

So we thought and we thought.  Finally, we agreed that this one was too good to let slip away.

So, since I couldn’t make it after work, Annette went down on Wednesday night and negotiated a deal with the owners.

We were going to be RV owners after all!

But there were some constraints.  Because of the personal property tax in Virginia, the owners wanted the deal to happen before December 31st!  That didn’t seem too bad.  It was the first week in November, so we had nearly eight weeks.

Next post, I will tell you about our dealings with the bank and their total lack of a sense of urgency.

Until then!


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