How is the mail forwarding working?

Once we got to Florida and got settled into the RV site, we decided to go to the Mail Forwarding Service that we are using and check the place out.

So we jumped in the car and drove down. It’s almost an hour from where we are staying.

It’s a good thing that Annette called! They are not at 411 Walnut Street. If I was guessing (and I am), I would guess that they out grew that site and moved to a larger site, but would have a mutiny on their hands if they tried to have all of their clients (they say over 4000) change their addresses!

But we found the place without any problem, once we knew where to look.

The place was very clean. From the counter you can see back into the “operations” and it surprised me that it looked manual. There were rows and rows of bins and a half dozen people putting mail into the bins.

A person promptly greeted us and asked for our mail box number. When she brought the mail to us, she asked for identification, which we showed and that was it.

The first time we went in we got over 20 pieces of mail and two packages. We went in again a week later and picked up 6-7 pieces of mail and two more packages. Annette thought that another package may have arrived and the employee was happy to look through the packages that had not yet been sorted.

So far, we are pleased with how it is working out.

The next test will be having them forward mail to a campground where we are staying. But that’s in the future.

By the way…We ordered a book from a couple of Rvers who are technically savvy about mobile internet and it was really cool to see their address on the receipt. It was the same as ours! 411 Walnut St. Green Cove Springs, FL! (just a different box number.). It’s good to know that there are others like us who have chosen the same service!



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