It Was a Struggle Covering the Beast

We did some research and found a cover for the RV.   Those things are not cheap!

Then I looked on YouTube to find out how to put the cover on the RV.  All you have to do is lay it out on the ground and roll it up and pull it up on the RV.

When we got to the barn, we found that the floor was very dirty.  All kinds of dust and fine dirt and bird poop!  In addition, there was not a space large enough to lay out the cover.  So we just took it out of the box and tried to pull it up on the top of the RV.

But it just wasn’t that simple!  Straight out of the box the cover was not folded to pull one end up on the top.  No, it was folded the way that was easiest for the manufacturer.  So, we tied a rope on it and tried to pull it up over the side.  But I couldn’t hang far enough over the side to pull it straight up.  So I couldn’t get it over the top corner.

So we went back to the ladder and I pulled on the rope while Annette pushed from below and we finally got it on the roof!  Hip hip hooray!

But, wait!  It was not that simple!  Imagine the amount of fabric involved.  10 foot up the front.  34 foot long and 10 foot down the back.  Whoa!  54 feet of fabric!  But then you have to remember that it was also 30 feet wide!

So, just picture this.  A man, who is afraid of heights, on top of a 12 foot high RV, trying to unravel all of that fabric and figure out which was the front, which was the back, which was the inside, which is the out side of the cover, which was the left, which was the right.

Don’t forget that this was mid-January and the temperature was below freezing!  My poor fingers!

We should have taken a time lapse video.  It would have been hilarious!

It took us more than an hour for a 20 minute job!  But we stuck to it and finally got the cover in place.  I vowed to myself that we would fold it and roll it up to make it easier next time.


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