January 11, 2019 – Retirement is Finally Here!

We have thought about retirement and planned for it for years.

In the last several months, I watched the countdown on my cell phone go from well over a hundred days to zero!

And now it is here!

One thing I have heard and read several times is that you should not go into retirement without a plan: Not just a financial plan but a plan for activities that will keep you interested in Life.

Annette and I have a plan. It is a fuzzy plan with room for discretion and multiple changes in direction, but it is a plan.  And here it is:

Sell everything, buy an RV and crisscross the US visiting National Parks and other points of interest with our cameras, making images that hopefully are artful.

And now, at the dawn of retirement, how do we stand relative to the plan? Well…

  • The house is sold.
  • We have sold, given away or trashed most of our possessions.
  • Remaining possessions are in storage.
  • We are currently living in a Newmar Ventana LE 3709 RV.

But we are still in the area. We need to get moving!

Let’s see what happens!