January 12, 2019 – Last week of work

The last week of work was great. So many friends, people and coworkers wishing me well and asking about our plans!

Some of the Highlights:

On Tuesday, the company, through my manager and the Administrative Assistant, had a wonderful retirement luncheon for me at a very nice local restaurant.

I invited as many people as I could (you can’t invite the entire company for every person that retires!), but still feel that I left out people who were important to me during my 22 years at the company. I tried to invite people who I enjoyed working with and whose professional knowledge I respected.

The food was great. The company was great. I took a little ribbing by my manager!

I was really surprise by the thoughtful, personalized gifts!

From where I stand, it was a great event!

The company has a neat little thing they do for people who are amiably leaving the department. They schedule a 2 hour meeting in one of the conference rooms, they buy a large cake and then they allow anyone and everyone to come in and say their goodbyes.

Thursday was my cake day! I was amazed at all of the people who showed up! The cake was gone in an hour. (I hope they came to see me and not just for a piece of cake!)


There was a little presentation going on the screen that showed our RV and our plans. I think some people just had a concept in their heads about what we are doing. It is one thing to think, “Woody’s going to travel the country in an RV.” and another thing to actually see pictures of the RV and a rough itinerary for the next few months.

It was another great event!

After the exit meeting with HR on Friday morning, I didn’t want to drag it out, so Annette came for me and we left around noon.  We were driving, looking for a place to go to lunch when my manager called. Whoops! So we changed our plans and went back in to work at 1:00. We got to say goodbye and he even gave me a hug. I’m glad I went back!

A great last week at work!

I hope nobody notices that I didn’t mention a whole lot about the work that I did during this week!


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