January 25, 2019 – Retirement, Week #2

The second week of retirement has been good.

The North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh had a Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit that closed on Sunday. We were fortunate enough to get tickets for Saturday. (They only sold so many tickets for each hour of the exhibit.) As part of the exhibit, they had current artists use the Georgia O’Keeffe paintings as inspiration for some works. It was a cool idea, but we would have been happier if they would have just stuck to the O’Keefe works.

After the museum, we went to dinner with some friends and then went to a bar to hear a Jazz Singer. However, the sounds of the conversations in the packed bar pretty much drowned out the sound of the band. So we didn’t stay very long.

During our time at the museum, we only saw the one exhibit. So, one day during the week we went back and toured the rest of the museum. We enjoyed this very much.


Our friend goes to a local coffee shop for an hour or so each morning. There is quite a collection of characters. We met Jim, who is a black smith, cartoonist, studied engineering and plays in a band. We met Sandy, who had a long career as an art professor at a liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania. And we met Brian, a male nurse, who has battled three different cancers and told funny stories about dealing with them and another funny story about meeting his wife.

Wednesday was a travel day, but before we got going, we had another RV issue. The airbags in the suspension would not inflate. (The air bags deflate just before leveling the RV so that the body sinks lower and the leveling jacks do not have to extend as far.) I called the factory and they called Freightliner (the chassis manufacturer). They had me re-retract the leveling jacks and that fixed the issue. The leveling jacks have to hit a limit switch in the retracted position before the air bags will inflate. Cool. Now I’ll know that for the next time!

On Wednesday, we made it to Walterboro, GA and the New Green Acres Campground. They claimed the widest and longest pull-through sites east of the Mississippi. Since I haven’t been to every campground east of the Mississippi, I can’t verify their claim, but the sites were definitely wide and long.

On Thursday, we made it to Florida!

We are staying at Kelly’s Countryside RV Park in Callahan, FL. Well, actually it is 6 miles north of Callahan. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but that is 6 miles you have to go every time out. The park is nice, but these are very definitely NOT the widest sites this side of the Mississippi! You can’t drive a car between the RV’s!


We finally figured out how to get TV through the Antenna! Yay! Some people ask why you would need TV in an RV when you are going out to get away from everything. But, when you are full-time in an RV, you want to keep up with the news in the rest of the world!

Internet has been an issue. We need to figure some thing out. Most campgrounds advertise free wi-fi, but you are sharing it with everybody else in the park and the farther away from the office you are, the weaker your signal. A lot of campgrounds are in rural locations and may be a distance from the cell phone tower. Consequently, the signal is weak. We have also talked to a lot of people who have a hotspot from Verizon. Since we have AT&T, the Verizon hotspot may fill in some areas in the country where AT&T coverage is weak. I’m still researching.

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