Let’s try this thing out!

Well, we can’t just let the RV sit in the driveway, we have to try it out.  So, we reserved a space in a local state park early in May.  The reservation was hardly necessary.  only 20-25% of the sites were occupied.

At this point we do not have a toad set up for towing, so Annette drove the car over and I drove the RV.

This was really an inauspicious beginning to our RV’ing career.  It rained all weekend.  Then Annette got sick and we had to drive home, drop off the dog and then drive Annette to the urgent care center.

But that did not deter Annette.  She wanted to go back to the RV and finish out the weekend!

We learned a lesson about managing the water tanks.  We have a 100 gallon fresh water tank and 65 gallon black and gray tanks.

We were using the water like we do at home.  We washed dishes.  We took regular length showers both days.  At one point the kitchen sink drain gurgled.  Annette had read that if that happens, we should check the tanks.  We didn’t run out of fresh water, but we did fill up the grey water tank.  We now know better!

As we were leaving, we got our first opportunity to empty the tanks.  YouTube is a wonderful thing!  We knew what to expect and didn’t have any problems.

Another weekend later in May (not memorial Day weekend), we camped a the same park again.  We got a great site, but it rained the whole weekend again.  At least we didn’t have to go to urgent care!  And we didn’t overfill any tanks!

IMG_0891 IMG_0912

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