Now What?!?

So, in the last post, you found out that we brought our RV home on December 28th.

It’s the dead of winter.  It’s really cold outside.  The RV has a heater, but very few campgrounds are open this time of year, this far north.

So what should we do with this monstrous thing?  It’s taking up half the driveway.  Now we have to make sure that if Annette is leaving first in the morning, her car is the one nearest the end of the driveway.

So I started asking around about a storage area and, lo and behold, the dad of a coworker has a huge pole barn and he was willing to rent out a corner to us.

So, on January 16th, we took the RV over to his placed and backed it into the barn.

But, wait!  It wasn’t quite that easy.

The barn is “L” shaped and there is a door opening between the two legs of the “L”.  So we backed into the first leg of the “L” and up to the door opening.  Wait, careful!  It doesn’t look like the RV will fit through the opening!  What now???!!!

That didn’t faze the barn owner one bit!  He just grabbed a ladder and a chain saw and quickly made the opening large enough for the RV!  What???!!  He just cut up the barn!!

Finally, with a little jockeying, we got the RV into place.

Oh, look!  There’s 3 hogs and about 8 little piglets!  Ain’t they cute!  What!  There’s more.  There’s a cow and a mule!

But, it’s OK.  they are in the other part of the barn.  But, they will kick up a lot of dirt and dust.  I think the RV is going to get covered.

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