Our First Major Renovation!

Annette and I have hated the dinette from day one.  The cushions were too thick and unsupportive.  You sunk into them and after brief time you were sliding down under the table, well, all almost.

Also, there was no place where we could both set up our laptops to work on our photography.  In addition, there was no place where we could set up large monitors so we can work on our images in a larger view.

So we started talking about what we could do and we came up with a design that has many features:

-Desk space for two that doubles as a dining area

-More storage

-Space for the monitors, and a way to store them .

IMG_20190922_094118Here is the dinette the way it came from the factory. Wish we could get them to buy it back!


Here are a few pictures of the dinette being torn out.




We contracted with my brother-in-law Terry Thompson in DuBois, PA to build the new desk/table/cabinet.  My design was mostly in my head and Terry did a great job listening and understanding what I was trying to accomplish.  Terry’s craftsmanship was also great.  I was impressed with the way the parts fit and the whole thing fit together and fit the space.

Speaking of the parts fitting together, I know this because a complete cabinet would not have fit through the RV door, so the unit had to be brought into the RV in pieces and assembled inside of the RV!

Here are some pictures of the Assembly stage of the project.

(I can’t figure out how to rotate the vertical images.  I’ll have to Google it!)






Here are some pictures of the finished cabinet.


Please notice in the picture below that the top surface of the cabinet pulls out.  This does a couple of things.

-Sliding the top out provides knee room so that your knees are not constantly banging into the cabinet doors.

-Sliding the top out means that there is a gap between the top and the wall.  It is up through that gap that a TV lift will lift the monitors. Obviously, the monitors will go back down for travel.

-With the top slid in, the cabinet takes up the least amount of room, which is important in an RV and especially during travel.


I mentioned two monitors and their storage and that is not quite there yet.  I ordered a TV lift.  Terry and I installed it, but it wouldn’t work.  I called the service department at the company and after trying a few things, they sent me a new controller.  It is at Clayt and Ashley’s house.  We will pick it up this weekends and give it a try,

The picture below show the monitors laying on top of the desk.  At least you can see the spacing.  I will try to update this post once I have the TV lift working properly!


Annette and I are very pleased and excited.  It has been a great change and has been working well!

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