Retirement takes a lot of planning.  Just think of how long you have been contributing to your 401(k) or other retirement account.  Think of the care you have taken in deciding which of the investment choices are right for you.  Did you think your retirement dream died in 2008 and 2009?

Well, I am learning that full-time RVing takes a lot of planning, also!  We are beginners, so there are so many questions, so many options.

  • Do we want a fifth wheel and tow vehicle or a Class A or a Class C with a towed vehicle?
  • Gas or diesel in the motorhome/tow vehicle?
  • What manufacturers makes quality RVs?
  • How do we pay for the RV?  Buy it outright or take a loan?
  • How much RV can we afford?  Can we buy new?  Do we want to?  Do we have to buy used?
  • If we go with a motorhome, do we dolly-tow or flat-tow?
  • Can we get rid of all of our belongings?  Should we store some of the stuff?  Where?
  • What should be taken in the RV?  How many clothing outfits?  How many shoes?  Jackets or coats?  Jeans or shorts?
  • How will we find a place to stay?  What will it cost?
  • Can we do dry camping?  Dispersed camping? Boon docking?
  • Can I drive this thing?  Can Annette?
  • What about insurance?
  • How will we get our mail?  What mail will we still be getting?
  • Does it matter where we say our residence is?
  • What about health insurance?  Coverage throughout the US?
  • Where’s the nearest hospital?  Are the staff competent?

Give me another 10 minutes and I bet I can double the length of the list of questions.  But you get the idea.  There are a million questions that we haven’t had to deal with…yet.

The other bad thing for my wife (Annette) and me is that we change our minds…a lot!  If you keep reading, I’m sure that will become evident.

What’s next???


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